Now that you are connected, it’s time to get involved. While we are a family in one sense, we are individuals with different experiences, gifts, backgrounds and needs. We have ministries designed to connect the many pieces into one whole Temple of Glory family within the Body of Christ. Take a look around — we are confident you’ll find a place that is just right!

No Limit Kingdom Youth & Tots

Leader:  Elder Antwain Turner

Clothing Ministry

Leader:  Minister Myrtice Singleton

Women’s Ministry

Leader:  Overseer Annette Salters

Ushers & Greeters

Leader:  Rosalind Frazier

Video Ministry

Leader:  Karen Cooper

Servant’s Heart Ministry

Leader:  Deacon Rethel Scott

Audio Ministry

Lead:  Ronnie Deloach

Men’s Room

Leader:  Bishop Matthew Odum, Sr.

Deacons’ Ministry

Leader:  Deacon Perry

Family Life & Wellness Ministry

Leader:  Elder Antwain Turner

Choir & Praise Team

Leader:  Diane Ricardo

Silver Saints Ministry

Leader:  Elder Diane Smith

Elders & Ministers

Leader:  Overseer Annette Salter